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We work with people in the Portland, OR metro and surrounding areas who have disabilities. We assist them in achieving self-sufficiency and control of the supports and resources available to them, and help them achieve their goals.

Mission Statement

We come alongside our customers to grow and develop their independence by providing direct support based on their individual needs, both in their homes and communities.

Vision Statement

The vision of Access Community Care is to assist people with developmental disabilities and their families to achieve true choice and control of the supports and resources available to them. This vision is grounded in the concept of self-determination; a concept built on the fundamental belief that if people gain control of their supports and resources, their lives will improve and costs will decrease.

Basic Beliefs

At ACC we believe that:

  • All individuals have value, dignity and the right to achieve their highest potential.
  • All individuals, along with their families, have the right to make informed choices and we respect their capacity for self-determination.
  • All individuals have the right to live, learn, work and play in a community-based, inclusive settings.
  • All people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are defined by their own strengths, abilities and inherent value, not by their disability.

Core Values


We show compassion in everything that we do. We build relationships and rapport with our customers. We care about them, we relate to them and we take the time to learn who they are and to understand their world. We make them feel that they are important and show them, by our actions, that they are heard and seen as a person.


We do what we say and we say what we are going to do. We are wholesome people and we are trustworthy. We act as though our actions are being scrutinized and strive to make decisions that are above reproach. We admit when we are wrong so it can be made right.


Our communication is timely, pro-active and honest. It is always better to communicate than not communicate.

Inclusive Diversity

We include everyone. We help marginalized people help other people.

Personal Freedom and AUthority

We are here to empower our customers with their choices. We respect their choices, whether good or bad, and we do not judge. We bring clarity to their options so they can make informed decisions.


We support growth and success in both employees and customers. We support our individual customers and navigate them through life. We are here to support our employees. We have an “I’ve got your back” attitude: Management to our employees and employees to our customers.


We take ownership of our jobs and consider ourselves representatives of Access Community Care. We are accountable for our actions and we accept the consequences of our actions. When we are in the field, we are in charge. We model responsibility to our customers. We are resourceful in finding solutions. Each one of us is a self-manager.


We uphold physical, emotional and relational safety as a high priority.  We consistently champion safe practices and procedures while doing physical tasks, uphold appropriate emotional boundaries and self care, and promote safe relationships for both DSP’s and customers.