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Want to meet others with similar interests? Do you love outdoor adventures? Want to learn to cook, or do arts and crafts?

Would you like to go on beach trips, nature hikes, or go to festivals, Saturday markets, comic con, zoo, museums, and arcades? How about gaming, or dancing?

In our Day Support Activity Program, there is something for everyone. Here is a sample of the types of activities we sponsor throughout an average week. Please apply to our Program Waitlist to learn more!

Sunday Gaming Group
Monday Media Explosion
Tuesday Cooking Class
Wednesday Art Free for All
Thursday Gaming Group
Friday Bowling
Pajama Party
Saturday Virtual Cooking Class: Beginner
Virtual Cooking Class: Intermediate
Virtual Cooking Class: Advanced

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Our clients and families love Access Community Care.

“I like working with everybody. They are cool and understanding too!”

Client,ACCESS Community Care

“We had a poor experience with the first brokerage service we tried. They weren’t easy to reach or speak with. They were not knowledgeable about autism as they had claimed, and kept treating my son as if he had a physical disability and a general intellectual disability, neither of which is the case, and couldn’t adapt even after communicating these concerns.

ACC turned that all around. They are easy to reach and responsive, and as my son said, “they have a talent for working with neurodiverse people.” We experienced a noticeable increase in compassion from the people at ACC.

Here are some examples of practical ways they have helped my son: room organization, budgeting, meal planning, outings, recreation and companionship. Depending on your caregiver, some transportation may be possible (to go to a store or movie for example). Companionship with someone who sees and “gets” you may be the single most important positive impact, especially for people who are isolated/ have social challenges. We are big fans of ACC”

Parent, ACCESS Community Care